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        TL;DR: As approved by the FDA and Health Canada, Thermage is a non-invasive treatment that uses radiofrequency technology to achieve tighter skin. Beyond following the post-treatment instructions, maintaining the best Thermage before and after results requires so much more, as explained in this post.


        **Take note that this blog is purely for educational purposes. During your consultation, you can get more personalized details and further clarification.


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        At Martin’s Rejuvenation Centre in Barrie, Ontario, we’ve discovered that the Thermage skin tightening treatment is a secure and effective solution to aging skin, sagging jowls and crepe skin around the eyes. Not only can it tighten loose skin, but it can help manage conditions, such as reducing textural irregularities.

        As we age, our bodies go through various changes, including our skin, the largest human organ. This process can lead to loose skin, fine lines, and wrinkles as our intrinsic collagen production slows down or becomes impaired.

        While we embrace the natural journey of aging, it’s equally vital to look and feel our best along the way. This can enhance self-confidence, mental well-being, and overall life satisfaction.

        Note that skin laxity can also result from conditions like significant weight loss and post-pregnancy. These can also be managed with Thermage.

        In this blog post, we’ll answer your Thermage-related queries, including if Thermage is FDA-approved or approved by Health Canada, how painful Thermage is and what to expect before and after Thermage treatment.

        Let’s dive in.





        What is Thermage?


        thermage device in use+ THERMAGE DEVICE


        Thermage, approved by both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2002 and Health Canada, is a non-invasive treatment that uses radiofrequency technology to achieve tighter skin. It has consistently been a leading choice for non-surgical skin tightening, appealing to those seeking shorter recovery periods and non-surgical alternatives.

        Although its focus is skin tightening, Thermage can also improve skin texture.

        Up next, let’s look at how Thermage works.





        How Thermage Works


        Thermage uses radiofrequency technology to achieve its skin tightening effect. Because of its mechanism of action, Thermage has also been found to be safe regardless of your Fitzpatrick skin type.

        Although there’s an entire science behind radiofrequency, here’s a simple explanation:


        1. When the Thermage device is applied to your skin, it emits controlled heat energy that targets the deeper skin layers, rich in collagen.
        2. This rapid emission of heat causes the existing collagen fibers to tighten immediately, resulting in an instant firming effect on your skin.
        3. Following this, your body initiates a natural healing response, encouraging the production of new collagen and elastin.


        This combination of immediate firming and gradual collagen renewal ensures both effective and long-lasting results.






        What is Thermage Used For?

        before and after face with thermage+ THERMAGE: BEFORE AND AFTER IN THE FACE


        Thermage offers versatile treatment options for tightening loose skin around various body areas, including the face, neck, chin/jawline, chest, hands, and body.

        Your individualized treatment plan will be tailored with your specific factors in mind, such as goals, interests, overall health and individual needs.

        During your consultation, our medical professionals will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your unique needs and provide personalized recommendations to help you achieve your desired results.


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        How Long Does a Thermage Result Last?


        Skin tightening could be immediate, even before you leave the chair. But the real magic occurs gradually over the following weeks and months as new collagen forms.

        The best results are typically seen around the 3-month mark and can last for up to a year.

        You might notice an immediate tightening effect. New collagen synthesis – and therefore skin tightening – develops over the weeks and months following the treatment; results peak at around 3 - 6 months and continue for up to 2 years.





        How Painful is Thermage?


        Quick answer: Thermage has a mild to moderate discomfort level due to the bursts of heat. To address this, we will provide topical pain anesthetic (numbing cream) when needed.





        What To Expect Before and After Thermage?




        Here are a few steps to get ready for your treatment:

        1. Ensure you follow the recommended skincare regimen as prescribed by our professionals to optimize results.
        2. Stay well-hydrated before, on the day of, and after the procedure to maximize results.
        3. If you’re taking any medications, discuss them during your consultation.


        We also recommend taking a good selfie before your treatment so you can compare your results at home! It helps to note your progress.


        The procedure lasts for about 120 – 150 minutes (about 2 and a half hours).


        Following your treatment, you can return to your regular activities immediately afterwards. These are other things to note:

        1. You might notice swelling, redness, and sensitivity at the treatment site. But don’t worry; this is to be expected and will subside in no time.
        2. Using moisturizer and SPF on treatment areas will help protect your skin.
        3. Use daily Vitamin C for 3 months.
        4. Be sure to follow the specific post-treatment instructions provided during your consultation, as they can be tailored to your individual needs based on factors like your medical history and age.





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        Here’s an extra tip from us:


        “Before and after your Thermage treatment, drink lots of electrolytes, reduce sun exposure and keep the area hydrated and moisturized.”


        Whether you’re ready to embark on a full treatment with us or you still have some questions you’d like answered, chat with us to discuss your potential options. Our team of experts will help you make a fully informed decision.

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